By Kristof Vanderstraeten.

Kristof Vanderstraeten - Skatepark Sessions

Starring: Wannes Derycke, Mitch Avonts, Nathan Wilhelm, Logan Da Silva Ortiz, Tomas De Keulenaer, Yannes Vanden Branden, Yannick Goris, Oan Vanhaverbeke, Arthur Le Duc, Jeff Vander Veken, Alex Reaymaekers, Maite Steenhoudt, Daan Schiltz, Jarne Verbruggen, Pieter De Clus, Gianni Perez, Donald Huycke.

By Feelsgood.
Film & Edit By Arthur Le Duc.

Lockwood Feelsgood.

Featuring: Mohamed Saouti, Robby Willaert, Thibeau De Neve, Patricio Valdes, Arne Vogel, Samuel De Graef, Arthur Roels, Yanto Dreze, Simon Deprez, Vincenzo Colameo.

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Montage 2

By Raf Van Ryckeghem.

Raf Van Ryckeghem

Featuring Luca Van Driessch & Mauro Creytens.

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Luca & Mauro

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Ruben Vermeulen

This is a preview of what is coming in the near future because a handful of parts are in the work right now.
Please enjoy this project as much as we do and you might like what is coming next!
Featuring: Raphaël Detienne, Jonathan Franc, Pablo Six, Antony Baclene, Alina Saytkhanova, Cesar Bijnens, Victor meyers, Pierre Alexandre, Aura Brédart, Lionel Krop, Ben mathieu, Nicolas Granda, Mathilde bette, Luc Babczynski, Quentin zwijsen, Arthur bultynck, Victor vanpuyvelde, Nick Steenbeke, Angelo Ginex, Thibault Lenaerts, Eric Zajimovic, Clément Berlanger, Ben moretti and Romain Gielis.

By KAAF Movie.
Film & Edit By Philippe Mottet.


Recap of the first LADIES ON BOARD edition, at Skate Depot (Antwerp). This day was all for the ladies, with a packed skateboarding program in 2 categories: miniramp contest, challenges & best trick jams for -16/+16.
A happy day with awesome vibes & good times on the board! Go girls!

By Raion. Film & edit By Tom Degreef.

RAION: Ladies On Board 2020 At Skate Depot

Featuring: Michael Bella, Joris Van Wiele, Troy Vlaeminck, Dimi Pauwels, Bobby.

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Lucas De Maeschalck

Feat. Florian Van Impe, Ward Depuydt, Xander De Vlieger, Guillaume Clincke, Senne Roels.

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Montage 1

By Zehma Official.

ZEHMA 5G - Victor Vanpuyvelde

By Cas Haeyaert.

Clovis Onraet & Kenny Werner - HAMMER

By Silence Skateboards.

ZAP. 08 - Silence Skateboards

By Abel Kleinblatt.

KNS Skatesession With The Lockwood Skateshop Team

A Belgian skatevideo filmed between 2018 and 2020 and edited by Koen Van den Broeck.
Enjoy...and Schol (aka Cheers!)
By Koen Van den Broeck.

Full Length SCHOL Skatemovie

Film & Edit By Adrian Ponce - Belgium Skate Media.
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Jelle Andriessen - These Are My 10 - Belgium Skate Media

By Verdad Skateboards.

Shane Audenaert - Welcome Verdad Skateboards

By Skatespots Belgium.

Vincent Vaneeckhaute - Manny King