Delirium invited Yeelen Moens, Jeroen Bruggeman, Jonathan Vlerick, Timothy Deconynck, Arthur Bultinck and Vincenzo Colameo to skate their infamous Huyghe Brewery in Melle, Belgium. Somehow they were granted permission to shred everything in sight and then rewarded with some delicious Delirium beer courtesy of the Pink Elephant. Big thanks to Delirium and everyone involved.
Watch ‘DELIRIOUS’ and read an interview with Dominique de Vreese here:
By Vague Skate Mag.
Filmed by: Willem Volker, Harry Billiet & Jan Crommelinck.
Cover Photo: Jonathan Vlerick - Backside 180 Kickflip - Photo: Joselito Verschaeve.
Photography: Joselito Verschaeve & Daniil Lavrovski.
Videography: Willem Vleugels, Harry Billiet & Jan Crommelinck.
TM + Concept & Coordinator: Dominique De Vreese


Kenny Werner joins the ranks of The Souvereign Sect through Hurray Distribution.
Are you ready? Don't fall!

By Cas Haeyaert.

Kenny Werner - Alien Workshop Part For Hurray Distribution

Mika van der Gun created a crazy edit from footage he made at skatepark De Moeve in Lier.

By Skatespots Belgium.

Skatepark De Moeve - Crazy Edit

By 3000skatecartel.
Film By Nathan Vandenbossche.

A Moment With Arthur Roels At Leuven Skatepark



Beastwood Skatepark Brugge. Built by Nine Yards Skateparks.

By Flatspot Magazine.

Beastwood Skatepark Brugge

By Thrasher Magazine.

Pop Skateboards Promo

By 3000skatecartel.

A Moment With Dorus Pardon At Leuven Skatepark

Riders: Louis Krekels, Seppe Van Cleemput, Sander Steurs, Corto De Koster.

Film By Finlay Degrauwe, Bob Remaut
By Scuffed Skate.

Scuffed's "Rated A for ***" Part

By 3000skatecartel.

A Moment With Dexter Podolski At Leuven Skatepark

By Thrasher Magazine.

Maité Steenhoudt's "From Broski 2 Proski" Video

By Samuel De Graef.

Samuel De Graef's Vlog - I Had To Pay €250

By Jean Jaques Distribution.

Jean Jaques Zebra Session Portland DIY

By Mathias Decamp.

Mathias Decamp - Instashit 1 Year Compil

Guest skaters: Pieter De Clus & Pieter De Wolf.

Film & Edit By Louis Meeus

RAION: A Byrrrh With - Toon Dierckx

Film and Edit By Pirkka Pollari.
Additional filming Tobbe, Hans Claessens, Dennis Bellinckx.
Motion Graphic By Sara Parson Terras ,Arne goossens.

Maarten De Ryck For NNSNS CLOTHING


Skatepark Sessions - Lewis Weber

Guest skaters: Pieter De Clus & Pieter De Wolf.

Film & Edit By Louis Meeus

A BYRRRH With Jeroen Bruggeman