By On The Roll.
Film By Ziggy Schaap & Didier Bolk.

DC Shoes Special Delivery Tour - Belgium

In order of appearence: Milan Perneel, Jaymie Vanwaeleghem, Hans Borg, Arno Claerhout, Timothy Deconynck.
By Hans Borg.

High Speed Sketchy #2

Team riders: Edouard Depaz, Valentin Bauer, Bram De Cleen, Joseph Biais, Yeelen Moens and Rémy Taveira.

Film & Edit By Joaquim Bayle.
Concept, Narration & Animation By Nicolas Decatoire.

Öctagon (Full Video)

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Pics By Lise Sonck.

Pics By Renaat De Pierre.

Video By

Opening Concrete Park the Hills

By Yetiboards.

Shot By Jonas Camps.

Ziggy Govaerts Vs 16 Stairs Set

By Bolts Mag.
Film By Yamine Dafalgan.
Edit By Kribo.

Street Part Sebastiaan Herpoel

By Kribo.

Burning Wheels Contest 2015

Best trick contest in the new big bowl at the NorthBrigade.
1. Danny Leon, Rodeo Flip fly out
2. Tyler Edtmayer, 540 in the deep-end
3. Robin Bolian, transfer from the volcano to the hip
4. Koekie, one footed carve in the deep-end.
By Confusion Magazine.
Film & Edit By Jonathan Hay.

North Brigade Re-opening - Cologne

By Nike Skateboarding.

Warehouse European Invasion

By Slick Wheels.
Film By Lucas Fiederling​, Ruben Vermeulen​ & Slick.

Slick Wheels - Team Video #1

By The Stach.
Film By Damien Delsaux & Szymon Stachon.
Edit By Szymon Stachon.

Volcano Ursulines Experiences

By Flatspot Magazine.
Film & Edit By Rimmert Schoorlemmer.

Some Fries With Laurens Willems In FAB

By Bolts Magazine.
Film By Yamine Bensafia.
Edit By Laurent Derycke.

Hi there - Damien Lewinski

By Moose Productions.

Victor Vanpuyvelde Checking Out The Hills

Check out what our team has been up to the past few months...
In order of appearance: Hans Borg, Bram Voeten, Pablo Delaplace, PJ Claeys.
By NineOneOne.
Film & Edit By Willy Crank.

NINEONEONE - Streetview #01

By Curb Skateshop Gent.

Curb Skateshop - Skatepark Tondelier Tribute

By Max Goris.

Yardminute - Maurice Bouckaert

By Milan Sannen.

KPM Session - Naud Verstraten