Battle At The South 2, Round 3: Simon Deprez Vs Tim Jacobs.
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By Curb Skateshop Gent.

BATS 2 - Round 3: Deprez Vs Jacobs

By Volcom.

Stop #8 Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Wevelgem, BE

By Flatspot Magazine.

Spot the Spot 2015 Antwerpen

Battle At The South 2, Round 3: Simon Deprez Vs Christian "Muze" Plettner.
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By Curb Skateshop Gent.

BATS 2 - Round 3: Deprez Vs Plettner

By Stick2Skate.

Stick2Skate Parkfooty

By Ralf Goossens.

Donald Huycke // HOAX MFG

Featuring Kevin Geerts, Laurens Thys, Jonas Camps & Siegert Cornelissen.
Film By Laurens Thys & Jonas Camps.


Öctagon is totalitarian. Every human notion has been replaced by data and individuals are constantly under surveillance, which is insured by Surveyör. The program is checking the data transformation to their tasks state.
Featuring: Valentin Bauer / Joseph Biais / Bram De Cleen / Yeelen Moens / Edouard Depaz / Remy Taveira / Gregoire Cuadrado.
By Öctagon /

SURVEYÖR - Öctagon

By Flatspot Magazine.
Film By Rimmert Schoorlemmer.

Dew Tour AM Series Finale 2015 Amsterdam

By Dorus Pardon.

Double Schorgels - Tonny X Dorus

Film By Wouter De Cock, Ruben Goossens.

Dieter De Cock

Flesh And Bones Skatepark with Manolito Terryn, Mukti Terryn, Zidane Chaabnia, Tino Mortier.
By Tino Mortier.

Go Skate #4 FAB Skatepark

An edit of all the clips that I've filmed in the summer of 2015. Enjoy!
By Ming Hao Li

Summer 2015 - Ming Hao Li

Film By Stef Vlyminck, Neil Van Der Biest.

Ronald Geraltovskiy 2015

Geert Hoogstad, Yannick Gillet, Jory Salens, Benoni Loos.
By Bandz Productions.

ODK - BANDZ Productions 2015

By Flatspot Magazine.

Dew Tour AM Series 2015 Amsterdam UITmarkt Cash For Tricks & More

The first trailer of our (Moose Videos) second full length movie set to release November 2015 featuring Glynn Barnes, Christian Plettner, Clovis Onraet, Nathan Couvelaere and friends, lots of friends. For homies, by homies.
By Moose Videos.

Moose Street Saga Chapter 2 : Trailer 1

By Switch Productions.
Film & Edit By Jochen Mahieu.

Quick Clip - Vincenzo Colameo