Samuel de Graef skating the skatepark of Leuven.
By Wietse Thomas.


By Quirino Fernandes.

365 Skate Crew - Antwerp Chillings

Skatetrip With The Local Skaters From Ghent & Around!
By Curb Skateshop Gent.

Curb Skatetrips - Schiedam Plaza

By Switch Productions.

5 On Flat - Kenny Werner

Luxembourg trip with Pablo Six, Pierre Alexandre and Boris Wajnsztok.
By Bobo Cam.

In Prog BX-LUX

By Andres Vandepitte.

60 Minutes With Timothy Verlinde

A new High Speed Sketchy clip, hope you'll enjoy it. We've got Arthur straight up from Ghent city, our young kiddo Pablo and Pj. This was the first time out of three, that we were sort of kicked out, maybe we'll have to search for a new location for the following clips? Whatever!
Arthur Bultynck, Pablo Delaplace, Pj Claeys.
By Hans Borg.

High Speed Sketchy #3

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Film & Edit By Adrian Ponce - Belgium Skate Media.

Antwerp Skate Depot Contest - 2015 Miniramp Finals (Highlights)

NOISE Magazine & Converse CONS present 'All Engines'. A film by Sami El Hassani, featuring the Converse CONS Benelux Ambassadors.
'All Engines' revolves around the always hectic city of Amsterdam, where nothing seems too easy. Read the full article in NOISE Magazine issue #03 that you'll in a skateshop near you.
Riders in order of appearance: Alex Raeymaekers, Noah Bunink, Jeremy van der Eijk, Willem van Dijk, Billy Hoogendijk & Othmar van Rijswijk.
By NOISE Magazine.
Film & Edit By Sami El Hassani.
Additional filming By Jan Maarten Sneep.
Music: Alamo Race Track - All Engines.

Converse CONS 'All Engines'

By One Try.

Chill Friday's - With Iggy Sioen

The DC team went on a Special Delivery Tour and had a stop at Oostduinkerke aka ODK (Belgium).
We went out to capture the good times with the riders and all locals who came out to see the demo and skate the park.
Thank you guys for coming out!

Featuring: Wes Kremer, Madars Apse, Kristian Krasimirov, Gosha Konyshev, Antony Lopez, Nick Steenbeke, Arthur Bultynck, Jonathan Franc, and more...
Music By Markezi Producer.
Film & Edit By Moose Productions.

DC Shoes Special Delivery Tour - Moose Edit

Feat. Samuel Sauveur, Jonas Volders, Kevin Geerts and Ward Bellfroid.
By Jonas Volders.

Dagje Maastricht

SKATE48 bracht in totaal 19 teams naar Den Haag, waarvan ook enkele helemaal uit België kwamen om mee te doen; zo ook #MOOSE Productions. Onder leiding van Rob de Clerq en Flour Bart pakten ze Den Haag grondig aan. Niet alleen de straten, maar ook de coffeeshop heeft het te verduren gehad. Impact had het wel. Nick Steenbeke won €100,- bij de Best Trick met een switch hardflip en frontside tailslide bigspin out. Ga snel kijken naar de video van deze Belgische hammer crew!

Filmers & editors:
Rob de Clerq en Flour Bart

Nick Steenbeke, Glynn Barnes, Diertho Goethals, Arthur Bultynck, Short Lamberto, Christian Plettner.
By Flatspot Magazine.

Ordeel van de jury:

Chris Ray:
Looks like these guys have been around for a long time doing what they've always done.
Awesome to see the youth in them.

Greg Hunt:
Solid Crew. Killed every spot. Great edit. Crushed it.

SKATE48 2015 - Moose Productions

Vorige week was SKATE48 2015 en nu staat alweer de eerste edit online! We starten met de crew uit Brugge onder leiding van Willy Crank. We hebben het natuurlijk over de crew van Nine One One. Het is ook gelijk een crew die in de prijzen viel. Willy Crank sleepte de Best Filmer award binnen. Volg Flatspot de komende twee weken voor de online premières van de video’s.

Filmer & editor:
Willy Crank

Willy Crank, Hans Borg, PJ Claeys, Pablo Delaplace, Bram Voeten, Kamiel Doens, Milan Perneel, Anthony Mareel.
By Flatspot Magazine.

Ordeel van de jury:

Chris Ray:
Great cinematography. The intro was awesome with great titles.
I didn’t feel like the music matched the style of this video. It looked too artsy for a hip hop song.

Yoan Taillandier:
I think for me this is the most remarquable video of the contest the filming and editing was super good they created their own unique video and that’s what is important when your are in a contest. Express yourself and do something new.

Greg Hunt:
Really liked watching this video. Sick skating, good visuals, good vibes.
Filming and editing were awesome.

SKATE48 2015 - Nine One One

After all the votes got collected we finally have a winner and he goes by the name Kevin Tshala!
See Y'all next year for "Flip Don't Trip 2"
By Curb Skateshop Gent - Bolts Magazine.

Flip Don't Trip Winner - Kevin Tshala

- Hi Koen, why did you choose to start your own skateshop?
I’ve always been into skateboarding in one way or another. Started around
’78-’79 with an old slalom board I got from a neighbour. I went on and off the board during my childhood and teenage years but I never lost contact with it. Although I skated mostly in my village all the time with a friend. An occasional visit to Rollerland in Aalst happened a couple of times. I was a loner. Still am. I never had the desire to venture around.
At around the age of 15-16 the passion for motorcycles and the love for girls got the better off me.
At the age of 22 I went to the US for a one month roadtrip and a good friend asked to bring him home a new board. In Denver I bought him a 60/40 with Venture trucks. So yeah, having that board there and riding it around a bit got me that itch again.
I was at that time in search of something new in my life. A new goal. I had to quit my job a couple of months prior to the trip because of back problems and didn’t find another cool job up untill than. So the board made me think again. It pointed me in a new direction.
So back home I started thinking and making plans. A skateshop ? or a bar ?
A skateshop ! I hate drunk people !
But in the early 90’s skateboarding was lying flat on it’s back. So it was a real gamble.
But I went for it anyway.

- Why, being from around Brussels, did you choose to open your shop in Ghent?
I didn’t want to start in Brussels out of respect for Yves Tchao who just started his own shop, Ride All Day, a year before. It wouldn’t really made sence to go look for opposition when in most other cities there we’re none. I knew some people who studied in Ghent and I came to the city occasionally so I kinda knew where I was going. Also, the remainder of the post-80’s scene here was cool. Besides, commuting into Brussels every morning is shit. The 50km to Ghent takes less time.

- Which are your personal realisations of the past 20 years?
Well, I can say that I helped putting skateboarding back on the map in East- and West Flanders and beyond. Back in those days people had to come from Lille (France), Bruges, Poperinge, Oostduinkerke, Knokke, Geraardsbergen, Aalst, Terneuzen (Holland), … to find the stuff they needed. In 1995-1996 there was only Ride All Day and 1st8 as real, core skateshop. So people had to travel. 1st8 also started the first Belgian board brand, Torture, and the first Belgian wheel brand, Mobile. We also we’re the first Belgian shop with their own shop boards and shop wheels.

- What is the most radical change in skateboarding in the past 20 years?
The internet.

- Did your shop evolve with that change?
Well, we had a webpage when the net kicked in. But that was just informational.
When Facebook came we jumped on that. Very easy to inform people and stuff. We’re maybe late, but we stepepd into the world of online selling just this year. We thought we’d have our webshop/webplatform ready at the beginning of this year, but that shit takes so much work, it’s unreal. And also, we don’t want to make it quick ’n crappy. Better take some time and do it good. We see it as an online catalog of 1st8. So people can at any time check what we have, reserve it or maybe already buy it. But we’d rather see them here in the shop. Feel the wood. See the concave. Online selling is fucking up the skate bizz with the speed of a tornado, but people don’t seem to comprehend or care, so we have to kinda jump on the bandwagon…

- Do you still have ambitions after 20 years?
Through the webplatform/webshop we want to try and show people there are still true core skateshops around. Also inform people through it. About the life aside the board. Culture, music, art, local stuff, DIY-skating, … We also want to do the cool, smaller stuff. Organize a cool trip, workshops, little contests… Personaly I want to grow into my new project of making every day useable objects and motorcycle parts out of old boards.

- Which advise do you want to give to the kids?
Think before we all sink to the bottom.

- All right. Thanks Koen.
Interview By Femke Foubert.

1st8 Skateshop Ghent 20th Anniversary - Koen Tielemans Interview

By Bolts Magazine.
Film & Edit By Niels Vansteenkiste.

Thomas Van Paris Birthday Part

Battle At The South 2, Round 2: Steve Achten Vs Fries Taillieu.
Click HERE to watch a previous battle.
By Curb Skateshop Gent.

BATS 2 - Round 2: Achten Vs Taillieu