BOTW WE12: Brugge

Best of the West Brugge took place on february 19th and 20th 2012.
The rampaffairz crew put down a real nice setup and some heavy action went down.
Check out the madness in this vid by Willem Vleugels.

Non Sponsored 14 Years and Younger:
1 Jondalar Friedenstein
2 Alonzo Den Dikken
3 Kacim Fedjhki
4 Sean Puype
5 Kenzo Dewitte

Non Sponsored 15y and Older:
1 Trevor Cappon
2 Jonathan Vlerick
3 Simon Deprez
4 Glenn Van Der Heylen
5 Maarten Verbrugghe

1 Axel Cruysberghs
2 Mohammed Saouti
3 Hans Borg
4 Valentin Agnus
5 PJ Claeys

Text and video by Best of the West Skateboard Cup.