Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 Crew Final Skate

The 10th Anniversary of the Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased two days of some of the finest transition skateboarding known to man.
The crew final took the form of a unique format two man team style session where skaters hit the ramp in pairs.
In the end, the final 4 teams split the prize money evenly, with each skater taking home 800 Euro. The Hobnobs: Manhead & Andy Scott, Team ZWIMI: Micky Iglesias and Phil Zwijsen, The Bats: Martino Cattaneo and Kevin Blaser, The Dutchies: Nassim Guammaz & Daan.

By Vans Europe.