Antwerp | The strongest and craziest action sporting event ever met for the first time to Belgium! On November 30 sets Nitro Circus Live on in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. Nitro Circus Live is getting ready for a brand new tour, their first European tour! After their sold out show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, makes the athletes and 17-fold X Games medalist Travis Pastrana, preparing for their show in Antwerp. The tour makes 11 European cities and among them Gilles Dejong, a young, very talented Belgian. Visitors may expect the most insane freestyle motocross, skateboarding, BMX stunts performed by the biggest stars in the circuit. In the meanwhile, all 15,000 tickets are sold out.

After Las Vegas, Berlin and Stockholm: ANTWERP

After the sold out show at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the riders of the Nitro Circus Live are ready for their first European tour. Nitro Circus Lives is a spectacular scene sporting event that takes less than two hours. The star of the evening is the American Travis Pastrana. Travis was at the age of 14 Freestyle World Champion and he is under 5-fold more U.S. motocross champion and two-times Canadian Champion Mmotocross. He also has a world record to his name: a jump of 82 meters over the port of Long Beach with a rally car.

A Belgian and a female star

Travis Pastrana is not coming alone to the Sportpaleis, he brings with him other 30 daredevils, including the Belgian FMX hero Gilles Dejong and the Canadian with Dutch roots Jolene Van Vugt. She was the first female national motocross champion in Canada and she has a lot of Guinness World Records on her name. She was the first woman to perform a backflip and shaves now high peaks in the television show Nitro Circus.

The Belgian Gilles 'Baton' Dejong rides since 2006 when the FMX legend Jimmy Verburgh asked to him once to do a disaster to test. It tasted more and not much later he was part of the Red Bull X Fighters team. The 28-year-old will now join FMX hero travels through Europe with Nitro Circus Live.

Furthermore, there are also a number of Red Bull X-Fighters athletes on the program: Nate Adams, Blake "Bilko" Williams, Adam Jones, Cam Sinclair and Josh Sheehan. They are known for their double backflips in freestyle motocross. Besides passing also true BMX'ers and talented skaters in review. The star of the TV series Nitro Circus, Travis Pastrana, takes part in the impressive show. They propel themselves with the most amazing vehicles (from razor scooters and tricycles to refrigerators skis) on the 15 meter high Gigantic-A-Ramp.

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