Best Of The West - Dates & Update

Get yourself to the beautiful Belgian coastal city of Oostend this weekend, because the annual Best Of The West Skateboarding Cup is kicking of, and it will be a blast!
For those of you who are not familiar with BOTW, this is a competition series that is held every year during the cold winter months. These competitions take place in different cities throughout the Western part of Belgium, either in existing indoor skateparks or in event-halls with a temporary park provided by Rampaffairz.
The cup consists of 5 ‘qualification’ rounds followed by the Finals at the Zumiez Skatepark in Wevelgem on the 2nd and 3rd of March.
In these rounds the skaters win points to qualify for the finals and there are also nice prizes for non-sponsored riders and some cash for the sponsored riders on every stop.
Since there’s a lot of skaters every year, we’ve make BOTW a two days event. On Saturday, the categories 14 and younger as well as 15 and older get a chance, and on Sundays the sponsored riders can do their thing. Entering the contests is FREE!
For those of you who don’t like the pressure of skating a contest but feel like skating the parks anyway, you guys can win something too!
Same a last year, there’s a photo and video competition during the entire BOTW Cup. The skaters with the best Photo, or the best 10-trick video on the BOTW course can win some products and even some cash!
(CLICK HERE to get more details about it). Oh, and Best Of The West is going international this year with a stop in Holland’s capital and one of Europe’s finest parks, The skatepark Amsterdam!!!

CLICK on each stop to get more details.
26-27/01 OOSTENDE – Skatepark De Veiling
02-03/02 ROESELARE – Kerelsplein
09-10/02 BRUGGE – Site Groenestraat
16-17/02 MENEN – JC Petrol
23-24/02 AMSTERDAM – Skatepark Amsterdam
02-03/03 WEVELGEM – Skatepark Zumiez