Welcome Phil Zwijsen To The Muckefuck Urethane Team

Stoked to welcome Phil Zwijsen to the Muckefuck urethane team!

“Phil is a one of a kind guy, he has the ability to do any trick he wants, weather it be a nollie noseblunt down a 10 stair rail or a kickflip melon on vert. He has some of the hardest tricks on lock and can pull them out of the bag at any given moment. One of the reasons why coming top 3 in any comp isn’t a problem for him.

Phil has travelled the entire world, filming and shooting photos on all kinds of terrain. He has also only just discovered Alcohol, being sober for the first 24 years of his life, he has some catching up to do, beware of this guy after 2 rum and coke, He can get wild! Muckefuck urethane presents Phil with his very own quit smoking pro wheel. There’s no excuses anymore Phil, put that pack of Marlboro down". - Rob Smith (Professional skateboarder and friend of the Borat sounding chimney that is Phil Zwijsen).

By MUCKEFUCK skateboards.