Welcome To The Byrrhics

A true labour of love, the Byrrh a.k.a. Byrrh & Skate a.k.a. The Byrrhics was built entirely from scratch by the skateboarders for the skateboarders.
When the infamous Anderlecht roller park shut its doors over 10 years ago, the Brussels skate scene was literally left without a roof over it's head. In a country where rain is predominant, this is a bad situation. The locals sought refuge in subway stations, underground car parks and beneath bridges, whilst the city refused to allocate a suitable venue for their activities. Whilst the rest of Belgium enjoyed investment is premier skateboard facilities both indoor and outdoor, the capital city Brussels got nothing.
Well, we the skateboarders aren't going to wait any longer for help that isn't there. We found a space, we built these ramps and today we ride them. How long this dream will last is anyone's guess. Hopefully forever.
Thanks to the incredible dedication of Youssef Abouad and Bart Rampelberg and the friends who helped build, clean and shred the Byrrhics. This is for you.

By Wheelbite.
Montage By Ralph Lloyd-Davis.
Film By Spin, Tomi, Ralph, Gui Gui, Moms.