BOTW International 2014 - Wevelgem (Video + Results)

Promoting skateboarding through a series of events in the western part of Belgium, Paris and Eindhoven. BOTW is a collab between the cities of Kortrijk, Brugge, Roeselare, Oostende, Menen With the support of Provincie West Vlaanderen, Globe, Red Bull, Jart, Rampaffairz.
Click HERE to watch some shots of this event, by Sybren Vanoverberghe.
By Kribo.
Sponsored Riders
1. Phil Zwijsen
2. Simon Deprez
3. Christian Plettner
4. Jonathan Vlerick
5. Trevor Capon

Non-sponsored 15 Years & Older
1. Joren Losfeld
2. Bjorn Dewachter
3. Sebastiaan Herpoel
4. Kacim Fedjkhi
5. Glenn Vandergheylen

Non-sponsored 14 Years & Younger
1. Kenzo Dewitte
2. Gust Neuville
3. Chase Devoldere
4. Andrea Wilquin
5. Yente Lamote