Vans Shop Riot 2014 - Belgium (Video)

The Vans Shop Riot 2014 Belgium is a fact. 27 stores battled it out for 1000 Euro and a well-deserved place in the European Shop Riot Finals.
Rampaffairz came out on top with great skateboarding, the 3 killed the whole park with style and speed. Will be good to see Rampaffairz in the finals in their home country. Big ups to: Simon Deprez – Jonathan Vlerick – Trevor Cappon for going all out.
Come over on the 11 & 12 of October to the Flesh & Bones Skatepark to see the best shops of Europe battling it out for the title.
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By Vans - Drash Mag.
Cameran - Loïc Delvaulx.