Stop #8 Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Wevelgem, BE

By Volcom.

The contest areas consisted on a rail and stonesriver-gap, the stairs and yellow rail and the up on top flatbar. Three spots, seven heats in total, to throw down your best, get a blazing trick on each, impress, conquer.
The kids were really impressive, three heats is already quite a lot of fourteen and unders anyway and every single one of them was on a death defying mission. Bailing and slamming like adults, pulling tricks like a seasoned hussy. Special mention first off; Lore Bruggeman is one girl to look out for! She’s been skating somewhat like a year and is progressing in impressive leaps. She was just trying on ollies and shove-its for size last winter but was riding like a veteran in this Wild in Parks contest. Nosegrinds, fifty’s on rails, flips down gaps, with style and ease.
Gust Neuville came in with a clean backside flip down the stairs and krooked the ledge all the way. Nesta Deceuninck flipped the stairs right after, really little Noah Francisco has fifties on rails dialed. Edouard Mouton treflipped the stairs, flipped the stonegap and feeblegrinded the bank to bank rail. Romain Dubourg nosegrinded the yellow rail.
Xander De Vlieger lipslide the ledge and flew 180 to flat. Jules Bluekens signed in for style with a beautiful backside smithgrind on the bank to bank rail, a backside 360 down the stairs and a nosegrind on the flatbar. Rysan Mariën signature flip frontside boardslid the bank rail. Big up to Simon Vandecasteele en Brightner Baltazar for being a really, really, small dude and riding the board. At this stage no more points are handed out for cuteness but the way these little ones already had determination, little firecrackers, little pops and the glint of next generation in their eyes made us smile. Edouard Mouton took the crown in the end, well deserved. Kid stuck with it, has style and went hard.
The kids are crazy, three very entertaining heats, with high-quality riding. The days of just kickturning and mongopushing your way through a contest are, fortunately, long gone. The next generation is knocking at the door, hard!

The two heats in the 15-21 non sponsored slots gave us two brickhard slams by Bjorn Dewachter, flatout smack on the floor while trying to flip 50 the ledge, in the end he came in second, nice! Jeroen Bruggeman mustered a selection of his personal bag of tricks, no comply of the stairs, watch out for this little Cardiel! Ewoud Viaene en Siebe Roetynck took the credit in this heat, Ewoud with a pristine switch laser down the stairs, joined by a nollie flip and a 5-0 180 out on the ledge. Siebe heelflipped the stairs, flipped the stonegap and lipslid the bank to bank rail. Bjorn switchflipped the stairs, Sebastiaan Herpoele feebled the rail, five-od the flatbar and had a nosebluntslide on the ledge. The 15-21 were not entirely on their game, the heat? But all these riders surely went for effort and hunger and Jondalar Friedenstein, who was a bit undercover in the heats came out on top like a champ during the finals.

Jonathan Vlerick set the standard in the first heat with a bigspin front board on the flatbar, a signature backside flip and backside threesixty to flat over the banks, a fakie flip and a halfcab flip down the stairs. Simon did the cleanest hardflip late flip over the banks I have ever seen after he warmed it up with a hardflip to flat. Add to that his very controlled feeble to backsmith on the rail, Simon is always forward thinking. Victor Vanpuyvelde had a clean halfcab noselide spin out down the yellow rail, Mo Saouti flip frontside boardslid the yellow one. Jonathan Thijs came in the game with a flip fifty down the ledge and a ‘I’m just passing by at breakneck speed’-nosebluntslide. We would’ve liked to see Ronan’s backside nosebluntslide, but it wasn’t there.
Long tricknames, Trevor has’em, frontside bigspin boardslide feeble 180 out on the flatbar, like checking a mirror, he struggled on his flip feebles and lips on the bank to bank rail at first though. Muzze signature frontside flipped to flat over the banks and switchflipped the stonegap, Loïc Houvenaegel did a clean tailslide bigspin out on the flatbar, Glenn Vander Gheylen did both a backside salad and a nollie boardslide at speed, Malik Volckaerts hardflipped to flat over the banks, Thomas Van Parys led the way over the secret gap with a backside flip.
Trevor Cappon manned up in the finals, landed what had to be landed, way better than his heats and qualifies for The Berrics, all L.A. will now know his combo-tricks and rawness, his good humour and go for it focus, a well deserved winner! Cap off Trevor, show’em what you got!
Thanks to everyone who helped out run this contest and see you at the next stop!