Colorbox - For And By Designers And Skateboarders

Colorbox, a brand made for and by designers and skateboarders. A boarddesign community to bring new and fresh designs to the world.

Colorbox exceeds isolated brands. Colorbox is a social brand. A brand made by skateboarders and designers themselves. You can share your designs online and get them funded. If your design gets 100% funding we're able to get them printed and ready to ship them to the funders. Every month we pick designs from the website to sell in our webshop and other skateshops. If this is your design, you get rewarded for it. This can be payment, coupons on our website or free boards...

To know more about Colorbox click the next image, there you can find all the info to support the project and be part of it. You can find Colorbox on facebook as well, CLICK HERE.

By Simon & Guillaume, two designers/skateboarders from Ghent who want to do something new.